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Get back your life force!

Meditation: A technique for concentrating your life force. (In Estonian)


This meditation will help you regain control of all your life force.

In meditation, we bring together energy into a complete force and direct it in a new direction to a new goal.

With meditation, it is possible to heal your body's energy, restore your vitality, raise your frequency, release yourself from exhaustion, gain clarity and create joy in your life.

It is also possible to receive soul guidance for your own problematic situation and bring clarity to where you want to direct your life force in the future.

You can listen to the purchased meditation on this page unlimited number of times within one month. You can listen again by logging in to the page with the same e-mail you used to make the purchase.

Meditatsioon: Elujõu koondamise tehnika
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"Just trust! Your Soul will always choose the way of love!"

With love, Katrin

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