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On energetic live session

An energetic LIVE session offers regular energetic cleansing and reception of new frequencies.

In the session, we use the pure frequency of the Life Energy of Original Source of Love, and the whole process is guided by the heart level.

In the session, we will highlight topics that are important in the energy of the group at the moment, focusing on them and clearing them will help you be on your true path and support health, relationships and real goals.

The session is a tool for opening, organizing and moving on your own path.

The entire process is guided by your own Higher Presence and everything happens for your own Highest good, taking into account your current development and readiness.

Keep items that support cleansing, such as crystals and a candle, nearby during the session. Light a candle before the session with the request that it will help clear the issues completely and that the space around you will also be cleared. Always let the candle burn to the end.

Before the session, realize that you are responsible for your life and all your decisions affect your creation and future life.

Katrin Luup

Be safe and protected!

Energetic LIVE meditations take place on every Sunday at 21.00-22.20 since 2017.
Session will be available for listening afterwards.

Read about the theme of Sunday's Live meditation issued on same week.

Wish a private session?

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