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"Wishing you feel supported while finding your soul's path."

With love, Katrin

Can´t find suitable time or have questions?

A day with yourself under the guidance of the Soul is designed to make a bigger leap in your life's path. Suitable for stronger energy work for advanced people and when making major decisions in your life path.

On this day, there will be a 5 hour face-to-face meeting with drinking Blue Lotus tea.

We will go through the important main directions of your life path under the guidance of your Soul.

During the meeting, energetic alignment, arrangement of energies, subtle energetic tunings, introduction of new connections and information to your life path and current situation can take place.

You will get guidance from your Soul about the current situation and the future.

You will get answers to why you are alive in this particular place and what is your mission in life.

You will start your life in a new direction or open new doors.

You can get in touch wit your talents, we will download new information.

This is a deep healing process within yourself or a new path begins here!
A transformation to a new path is taking place!

This is your day with yourself and your Soul, supported by my talents.

 Location: in Tenerife, Tallinn or Saaremaa
Day | 1500€

To order "A day with you under the guidance of the Soul", write to me using the form below and we will agree on the exact time and place.

With love, Katrin Luup

Aitäh Sulle!

Day with yourself under Soul's guidance

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