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A new reality opens within us

The soul begins to download personal info into our judgment and body, which helps us to navigate through 2024.

The choice of the soul is associated with the use of LIFE energy on our path.

The energies of the February new moon bring about the first wave of changes on a personal level, which may be a completely unusual experience compared to the changes experienced so far.

Many now have a greater choice in their lives on how to continue moving forward in the next stage on their path or under what conditions they are ready to continue investing THEIR ENERGY into their own or others’ lives.

A time has begun where the NEW SOUL SELF is activated within us and this brings about situations where we are ready to step out of ego roles/old ego self and stop identifying with the past.

The NEW SOUL SELF triggers the largest new info download processes into our body and reveals info on how to move forward on our path.

Now is the time when the NEW REALITY is ready to open within us.

The opening of the new reality within us involves FAITH and the redefinition and understanding of ourselves, that we are multidimensional consciousness and part of a multidimensional reality.

The acceptance of our new soul consciousness into our heart space begins, which in turn triggers the greatest reality shifts in our life and path.

Currently, life challenges may be triggered, the solution to which will be situations of establishing faith in oneself, the prerequisite for which is harmony with oneself and a complete rebirth into the values of a new reality.

In the new reality and in our NEW SOUL SELF, there is no place for old ego consciousness, limitations or even acting on the power of the ego.

Now it is possible to move forward only if we are FREE, humble before the mystery of life and in harmony with all higher FUTURE.

The only thing that actually works in choices is DEDICATION TO CREATING A LIVING LIFE.

When we accept this part of ourselves, it triggers a continuous detoxification of negative energies in us and their visible elimination, until we choose to CREATE A LIVING LIFE.

Currently, there are challenging places on the SOUL PATH to move forward. The soul has chosen the direction of life and is doing a major cleanup in everything else.

In February, several topics may come up at once and this is related to how many areas have deviated from their soul path or how much influence a particular topic is currently having on your body/health situation.

If there is a connection with both relationships and the body at the same time, it may be the biggest turning point in this life’s choice.

These are our soul’s choice themes:

  • The soul shows where it is necessary to use HIGHER COMPASSION and it is necessary to exit from ego desires. Only by seeing the whole picture and all parties/creators at once can HIGHER CREATION be activated within us.

  • The most important thing is harmony with oneself and if this harmony is missing, then it is missing in everything.

  • The deepest intention of the soul is to embody and bring into creation a PURE PURPOSE. If this deviates, then deviations are cleaned up.

  • LIVING CREATION needs a pure impulse, a pure intention, truth and inner strength! If there is no truth, there is no inner strength and the goal is not achieved. Find the TRUTH and open your inner strength!

  • The physical body is ready to accept only pure into the body. All impure causes poisoning. Toxic thoughts, negativity, acting from the ego, living in fears, victim mentality, etc.

  • Dedicate yourself to self-realization, be caring towards yourself. The soul brings forth purifications that direct towards love and the original source’s intention.

  • Trust the laws of new life and let go of ego control.

  • Believe in the power of your SOUL’S LOVE!

  • You don’t have to and can’t control everything, allow your guidance in the presence of the SOUL!

  • The soul is the one who gives and carries hope! Now is a good time to find your pure intention within yourself, how to move forward on your FUTURE path.

The challenges and crises that arise in life are for making a new clean space, to reach the experience of SUCCESS.

If you can take everything more simply and playfully, the tests will also be such that you do them with playful ease.

Be ready to discover yourself from a completely new side and use your natural creative talent to solve everything new, from the feeling opening within you. The current energies download into the heart level precisely cleverness and courage to try new and innovative pure goals.

Boldly use your talents and pure impulse. Everything new is what downloads the fastest directions creating new life.

Know that you are most LOVED and CARED for by your SOUL, accept this in your heart today.

The soul is the most faithful, loving, present and lasting thing that you currently need in your life for the JUMP TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Be blessed on your soul’s path!

With love,

Katrin Luup


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