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Duality of Personality and Becoming Whole


of December

Since the beginning of December, everyone has the opportunity to elevate their frequency to a higher state than it was in October or November.

The entire month offers the chance to shift consciousness to a new thought structure and transform deep internal states onto a more functional thought platform.

The energies of December allow opening one's consciousness to a higher awareness, which differs entirely from the functioning of the old thought patterns.

This month is very intriguing because humanity energetically divides, and simultaneously, in thoughts/perceptions, operates on multiple levels. There emerges the coexistence of several states of consciousness within one reality.

People develop the ability to navigate between different states of consciousness. One might experience being in one state of consciousness in a social setting, facilitated by shared space, while being alone might expand consciousness into a new state personalized within their individual awareness.

Significant expansions into new realms of consciousness can occur when individuals carrying higher consciousness converge, or personally, when one's capacity alone allows access to entirely new realms of consciousness that were previously inaccessible. This marks a leap in consciousness into a new reality for many.

However, a downside might occur if the distinction between illusion and higher frequencies cannot be made, resulting in significant confusion within oneself. We are learning to discern between the old illusionary model and the new, higher state of consciousness.

There is a risk of personality fragmentation, yet within that lies the opportunity for fragmented personalities to reintegrate into wholeness. These present significant opportunities to heal from states of illness where the lower mind has been trapped in stagnant structures.

Recovery is possible from conditions like schizophrenia, obsessions, the feeling of losing control, various lower mental states, soul loss, or areas where the soul has suffered different traumas.

Consciousness can expand as far as the body can bear and how open one is to embracing new thought structures. This is supported by the capacity to carry frequency, which is presently the greatest challenge humanity is learning.

The challenge in the first week of December is discerning what truth exists in one's life and what illusions need to be shed.

Until the New Moon (December 13th), consciousness purges the old to make room for the new. The New Moon allows leaps and growth towards larger thinking, creation, and new beginnings.

Already, there's an opportunity to initiate new projects, which can be launched in the new energies on the Solstice (December 22nd).

This month might be tense, but every change made brings significant growth into new realms, capable of rising to the stars in the new year.

It's crucial in December to maintain positivity, a good mood, and belief in a positive future because all energy is preparing for the Solstice, a leap in consciousness towards a newly created structure.

Together, we are creating a new structure where we will elevate our consciousness in the week of the Solstice. This is an enormous change felt to a greater or lesser extent by everyone. Presently, we are preparing ourselves for what happens on the Solstice, raising consciousness, and preparing for a new reality.

In our experiences, we feel how certain old timelines fall away, and significant changes begin to occur in our lives. Some negative life events seem to undergo healing within ourselves and simply become memories that no longer cause pain.

Currently, healing begins in areas of consciousness/thoughts that assist in moving away from the past, sadness, fears, personality splits, draining games, very intense past traumas, and the like.

Points to Pay Attention to:

  • In the first week of December, consciousness reveals areas where elevating consciousness is necessary. These are current life experiences that haven't unfolded yet. For instance, issues related to money, relationships, or starting something new. These areas highlight where consciousness needs expansion, where it's still entrenched in old structures.

  • Themes show where one operates on old foundations, where illusions persist, or belief in new functionality is absent. Stuckness in illusions and old timelines becomes prominent, demanding immediate extraction.

  • In the first week, areas where personality duality exists come to the fore, necessitating unification of consciousness into a cohesive point. Failure to do so results in multiple simultaneous timelines functioning within oneself, pulling in different directions. At the soul level, this is unbearable, potentially causing detachment. The current energy can intensify soul traumas, causing consecutive traumatic experiences in one's life. Hence, significant decisions are needed within oneself in these matters, determining the functional direction for one's future.

  • The first week highlights areas where the frequency is too low, the body cannot ascend to a higher frequency, or consciousness is stuck in the past.

General energies involve clearing these timelines where a collective consciousness decline occurred in previous times. This is where the entire identity and contact with higher consciousness and deeper connection with oneself were lost.

We are currently engaged in deeper self-work, crucial for where we can elevate our consciousness on the Solstice.

The Solstice marks the introduction of our initial higher states into body-consciousness. However, before that, we must achieve the ability to maintain the highest frequency possible within this incarnation.

Presently, we are testing our capacity and preparing for the level of consciousness we'll be capable of reaching in 2024.

Keep yourself in your heart and center because the heart's connection is how we elevate consciousness, providing the capacity for the body, soul, and life's path.

Maintain your relationships; December is the month of relationship healing. Now is the chance to mend everything in all directions.

Be love, be in your heart, be in a higher frequency, be the carrier of positivity in your life! With love, Katrin Luup

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