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February brings mystique and higher-level information

In February, there is an opportunity to elevate ourselves to a new level of functioning guided by our soul, and the entire month may bring us many surprises.

The soul has been preparing us for this upcoming time for a while now, so that we would be ready for a new reality and new experiences in our current relationships.

If in January we opened ourselves to the possibility of breaking free from old structures and dogmas, the energy of February will bring mystique and immerse us in higher-level information.

Now is the time to truly decide if you are ready to open yourself to an entirely new worldview and choose your higher soul path today.

At the beginning of February, a period of downloading new information from the soul level begins, preparing us for operating in the new reality.

Many have already established a stronger connection with their soul, initiating the collective downloading of energy from the higher soul level into their heart fields.

The energy of February brings forth new messages from our soul:

  • Soul consciousness will increasingly highlight situations and choices that support our progress on our soul path. The soul opens new directions, mystical experiences, and opportunities for the next level on our life journey.

  • Opportunities will unfold that you had only dreamed of, not expecting them to ever come true.

  • Trust is essential. If favorable opportunities are arising now, it is the soul-guided path. Pay attention to supportive signs!

  • Through higher consciousness, the bigger picture of life will become visible. It is possible to start assembling information from both your current and past lives within yourself.

  • Bold decisions are being guided now, decisions that you might not even have been ready to make in your thoughts. In these choices, it is necessary to listen to your HEART. Through the heart, INTUITION opens up, and connections are formed to confirm our decisions.

  • The soul guides/opens up information that can lead us forward in life in the long run. It's time to align with the greater plan information, which also supports progress in personal life.

  • The soul reveals old beliefs that have limited our worldview. Leaving behind beliefs and healing wounds from the formation of those beliefs is happening.

  • The soul shows that there is something more possible in life. Synchronicities guided from a higher source begin in life.

  • When you start trusting and listening to the guidance of the soul, the most significant shift occurs in the mind/conventional awareness. Life is directed under the guidance of the heart-soul.

  • The soul is ready to open up life path possibilities that were not possible in the old reality/ego consciousness.

  • In collaboration with the body, healings begin related to the downloading of higher consciousness into the body.

  • Relationships undergo a leap in readiness and development.

  • Now there is an opportunity for new talents to manifest, to notice them, and to use them in our lives.

In February, we can practice trusting our SOUL in our lives and the need to start using our abilities.

The more belief in ourselves grows, the more opportunities to use talents, opportunities for success, and rewards open up.

All the themes undergoing transformation now are related to losing belief in our own power or belief in ourselves in our past lives.

Now is the time to restore belief and power within ourselves and end the patterns of surrender.

The current time is meant to bring FOCUS to the right place and allow something MORE into our LIVES.

If in February you set your focus on the right path, allowing yourself successful experiences, and successfully practice those experiences, then on the spring equinox, you can open a multi-dimensional and ABUNDANT LIFE EXPERIENCE in the new reality.

Soul consciousness reminds us that life is not meant for existence in limitations but that there is something powerful within ourselves that needs to be activated through our inner being for MIRACLES to happen.

For many, now begins a complete healing period through soul support. Healing of the body, relationships, experiences, and abundant life possibilities on their life path.

In relationships, expansion to a higher level of consciousness occurs:

  • It is a significant breakthrough time that restores well-being in relationships and opens new opportunities for soul-level relationships.

  • Healing opportunities emerge in relationships, finding information that connects the path of walking together. It is possible to resolve age-old disagreements without addressing them, healing closeness, separation, and issues of misunderstanding.

  • Assistance comes from sharing information at a higher level of consciousness and heart level.

  • Deep conversations arise that heal our worldview, connect relationships from a new place, and heal issues related to sexuality.

  • Relationships become more trustworthy than they were in the previous reality.

The soul level comes to us through relationships to show the next step in our journey.

Trust your soul's choices and soul path! With love,

Katrin Luup


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