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Beginning of a New Era: Initiating the Higher Life Direction of the Soul

Unity Consciousness of Divine Love and Abundance Frequencies

After the January full moon, an opportunity arose to initiate the highest soul direction in one's life. This direction initiates a transition into the energies of a new era, allowing for a fresh start and new beginnings.

For oneself, this means starting to live life based on higher heart/soul connections and decisions made from the heart. Anything contrary to this still generates suffering.

Current challenges must be addressed before the next new moon

Challenges are emerging now that need to be overcome before the next new moon. After the new moon, new energies will begin to confirm the decisions made now, paving the way for a new direction in 2024.

Challenges and observations that alter the course of life:

  • Currently, there are vulnerable areas surfacing from past creations. These are areas where old structures are still in use, where previous decisions contradicted one's essence, or where one deviated from their path.

  • Over the next two weeks, there is an opportunity to rectify/improve old creative patterns or replace them with new ones. These patterns involve instances where personal power was lost, or soul wounds were incurred during the creative process.

  • Now is the chance to end patterns related to money such as limitations, beliefs, pettiness, envy, victimhood, and living in lack. These areas also reflect places where personal power has been lost. Higher energetic soul support is available for rearranging these patterns, and our soul consciousness aims to bring forth a new path, opening possibilities for living in new frequencies/abundance consciousness.

  • Current challenges are linked to living in a consciousness of lack. The next three months offer an opportunity to transform these themes into a state where one can reclaim their power, abundance codes, a wonderful life, and initiate this through unity consciousness into all our futures.

  • The manifestation of abundance in one's life begins now. Fertility, abilities, values, health, dignity, and care open up, creating a rich and wonderful life for all of us. This is based on co-creation, caring for each other, valuing each other's lives, believing in a good life, and creating in harmony with one's soul.

  • The time of self-sanctification has begun, bringing together all sacred and high frequencies within. Through such transformation, a new reality is opened within, lived in contact and harmony with the soul.

This is a time to start utilizing living energies, creating a vibrant and value-laden sacred life.

Original/sacred energies and respect for one's and others' souls/creations emerge again.

This is also a rebirth into a new structure, completely abandoning mutual degradation, comparison, dismissal, and similar actions.

This is a time of emerging from fears, replaced by courage, awareness of one's truth, living from the heart, and love for oneself and all existence/life.

Now is the time to overcome fears within oneself. See through decisions stemming from fear and transform them into opportunities for abundance. Now is the time to cleanse and strengthen your faith, stop believing in fear, and create through it. Now is the time to start believing in your abilities and a bright future, manifesting it through your thoughts and desires.

What opens the gates to your abundance? What creates abundance for both you and everyone else? These are questions that need answers in the coming weeks.

Collective consciousness brings forth unresolved issues from previous times, and the physical body currently indicates areas where fear energy still lingers.

If you can release fear, lack energies, and other manipulative energies, a new center will be activated within you, a new point for an energy center free from suffering.

Upon reaching this point, you achieve a new frequency within yourself, allowing you to create a new perspective/frequency center for your life. This frequency is free from old creations and marks the starting point for creating a new, abundant life without the energy of fear, guilt, violence, lack, or other forms of suffering.

The new frequency is free to create abundance frequencies in unity consciousness, contributing to a loving, abundant life for everyone. Simultaneously, it immediately supports you in your new direction, applying all the highest possibilities of creation to your new path.

The new direction is an abundance-creating direction that contributes to the abundant life of all. It is immediately filled with the highest energies, creating a direction for living a life in harmony with everyone.

Choose a new direction that is love and exit everything that is not.

Love creates the foundations of abundance, and through a new, more abundant direction, the soul brings trust in its choices! With love,

Katrin Luup


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